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Featured Post 2

Hello, this is just a test to get to know how this thing actually works xD just some text now to test how this will look like with a lot of text :) i don't know what to say anymore so now i'm just going to type some random stuff?

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Hello there :)

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Need something here...

Fellow Sties Fans

At Sties Transport.com you´ll find lots of people who are also interested in the number one company of Norway: Sties. If you want to keep in touch with former drivers, other Sties fans or if you just like the company then become a member now! This is THE place to talk and share information with other Sties fans.

Show your ideas to others


By joining up to our social network, you'll find different stories about Sties from all over the world. You'll be able to tell about your own ideas too. That's what this is all about; sharing your ideas with others.

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Registering is open again!

I'm going on vacation for 3 weeks, so there won't happen very much on the site.. If you find any bugs or just some things that aren't right on the site, please consider contacting me. I've made a contact form that you can fill out here.

Happy Networking!

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